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Hebrew Watch
Hebrew Watch

Hebrew Watch & Jewish Watch Store Made in Israel

Hebrew watch & Jewish Watches that are as unique as you. Designed and assembled in Israel, Our Hebrew watch collection is designed in high quality to remain an unforgettable gift and heirloom for years to come. The Jewish watch timepieces in our Israel watch collection are casted in sterling silver cast featuring Jewish symbols and Israeli style such as the Star of David and Hamsa. Jewish timepiece collection comes to you uniquely crafted and made in Israel. Each piece is precision made and warranty backed. Wear a timeless piece that is unique and symbolic of your heritage and ancient homeland. Now you can, with our Jewish jewelry collection specially designed in the Holy Land.

Our collection of IDF timepieces are waterproof used by the Israeli army, you’ll purchase and own a piece of Israel with every timepiece you buy and wear. Sturdy and rugged yet classic and beautiful these timepieces are an ideal gift giving idea for your son, daughter , Bar / Bat mitzvah graduate. The bands are enforced material and stretchy for rugged and long lasting. These chronographs feature sporty look and feel ideal for an athletic type of guy or girl. The face size is standard with a heavier feel and look than your standard watch of elegance. Purchasing with us assured you the quality and peace of mind to follow up with replacement bands and instructions on warranty.

Women’s collection features blessings and verses from the bible that inspire and bring positive karma. Each with it’s own hebrew scripture from the song of songs comes “Eishet Hayil” the woman of valour. What a gorgeous gift to give for an anniversary and wedding gift. For women you’ll find the dial face is slightly smaller and sheek for today’s women wear. Ideal for daily and evening night wear. Hence the straps are thinner, but don’t be fooled the quality behind each piece remains completely faithful to quality and warranty. Quality Quartz movement. Rustproof back. 30 Meter Waterproof. Mineral glass case are additional standard features for all our timepieces. Verses from the song of songs written by King Solomon adorn the faces of many of our watches and this is the perfect book of love quotes from the holy land to bring meaning and inspiration to your wrist wear.

Most all pieces come with Hebraic dials. The Hebraic letters each correspond to a value so that Hebrew numbers are set around the perimeter of the face to read as a timepiece. Alef = 1 , Bet = 2, Gimmel = 3, Daled = 4 , Heh = 5 , Vav = 6, Zayin = 7 , Chet = 8, Tet = 9, and Yud = 10. The Hebrew number alphabet continues in 10’s so that to make the dials for Eleven and Twelve O’clock the letters Yud with Alef and Yud with Bet are used. This is the most acceptable way to count for all needs using the Biblical letters.


Our store is a premier Judaica store selling the highest quality Hebrew Watch Judaica gift items and supplies. Click on the link above to shop this department to be taken to our online catalog.